1.Application period:

– From November 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2022

2. Promotion scope:

– Vietnamese territory

3. Participants:

– Vietnamese citizen or people who are living and working legally in Vietnam from 18 years of age or older.

– The program does not apply to collaborators, designers / architects cooperating with Zago; or Zago’s partners and their employees.

4. How to participate:

4.1 For Referrer Customers:

– Customers share the unique referral code or forward the email containing this referral code to other individuals.

– Unlimited number of referrals.

4.2 For Referee Customers:

– Complete the first Zago order with the referral code receiving from the referrer.

– Each Referee can only use the referral code one time for the first order at Zago.

5. Offers:

5.1 For Referrer Customers:

• Conditions:

– Zago customer who has purchased at least once with a minimum order value is 7 million VND, and receive Zago referral code.

– Sharing your unique referral code at least once during the program.

– At least one referee completes his/her first Zago order with your referral code.

• Offer:

– Be refunded 5% referral bonus of the total order value as Store Credit.

– There is no limit on the value of the bonus order.

– Store Credits has a cash equivalent value which can be used to buy any product at Zago (except Dong Gia products).

– Store Credits cannot be exchanged into cash and cannot be transferred to anyone.

• How to receive the offer:

– Zago will inform your Store Credits via email or SMS within 7 working days, after the referee completes his/her first Zago order.

– Store Credits will be accumulated for each order of each referral.

5.2 Referee:

• Conditions:

– A new customer who has never bought anything at Zago.

– Complete your first Zago order with the referral code you received.

• Offer:

– Get at least 10% discount on all products (except Dong Gia products) on your first Zago order.

– Expansion: For any product discounted equal or over 10% (during promotion campaign), you will get additional +5% discount. For any product discounted less than 10%, you will get full 10% discount.

– The offer cannot be exchanged into cash or stored for your next purchase.

• How to receive the offer:

– Apply directly when placing your first order at Zago after checking the validity of the referral code provided by you.

5.3 Incentive cancelation cases:

– The offer will be canceled in case the referrer or referee refuses to receive.

– Referrers have communicated false information about the program to entice referees to buy products and have been reported; or detected by Zago.

– Referees forget to provide or not provide the exact referral code while placing their first Zago order.

6. Other terms:

– Zago Referral Privileges cannot be applicable in conjunction with any other partnership contract/agreement unless stated otherwise.

– Zago reserves the right to cancel disqualification for Zago Referral Program and forfeit all accumulated store credits of any Customer found to be in violation of Program Policy.

– Zago reserves the right to modify & update the Zago Referral Program Policy herein without prior notice and will be announced on Zago website.

– By participating in this program; you read, accept & follow the program policy, as well as any related changes (if any)

– These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Vietnam.

7. For further information, please contact:

– Hotline: (028) 2253 4248

– Email:

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