Please read carefully before finalizing your order & make a payment.

1) Refund & Cancellation

– All sales orders can be canceled within 72 hours after placing the order with a restocking fee of 500,000VND.

– Cancelations after 72 hours will be subject to a charge equivalent to 30% of the items’ total value. Exception: If the products have been already delivered to customer’s house and/or have been paid with Payoo or Onepay installment program, the products can only be exchanged (NOT allow cancellation for any reason).

– In case the products do not meet customers’ requirements (regarding the size, the match with other furniture…), they can be exchanged within 24 hours after delivery to another product at same price (or higher), otherwise, the difference in amounts will not be refund. The exchange is only applicable to furniture that are not in use or damage conditions and must be in their original package along with the original Receipt and Delivery Note.

2) Reservation of ownership clause

– Zago retains ownership of ordered products until full payment has been made by customer before or at delivery time. After 6 months from the order date, if customer refuses delivery, the order will be canceled and Zago retains ownership of the products. Deposit is not refundable under any circumstances.

– For sale order paid by POS, the credit card processing fee 3% will be charged by the bank and Zago always support customer to pay for this. However, if a partial or full refund of the order is made, the customer will be charged these 3% fees.

3) Payment

– Cash on Delivery (COD)

+ Please make a deposit, 40% of the order value, by transfering through this following bank account.
+ You will pay 60% of the remaining order value to delivery team after receive the products.

 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 677 678 888

– Online payment via Onepay portal (ATM / Visa / Mastercard / JCB / QR Pay on Mobile Banking)

4) Shipping method & fees

– Ho Chi Minh City:

+ Delivery is free within Ho Chi Minh City whenever order is over 10 million VND.
+ When order value is less than 10 millions VND within Ho Chi Minh City: The customers need to pay the delivery fee costs 200.000đ or Receiving products at the store.
+ Normally, the orders will be delivered from 3 to 5 days since the purchasing date. Therefore, for urgent delivery (less than 3 days), the delivery fee will be 500.000đ.

– Other provinces – cities:

+ We also deliver in other cities in Vietnam and oversea.
+ Fow now, fixzago.demo10.maytech.vn does not have the function of calculating shipping fees outside Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, after receiving customer’s order, we will contact you to inform the exact shipping fees by email and phone call.
+ When and only receiving your confirmation/agreement with the shipping fees, we will schedule & inform delivery time to you. In case you do not agree with the shipping fees, the order will be automatically canceled.

5) Delivery time

– Once delivery time as been agreed by both parties via phone, SMS or email, customer is authorized to change it once. If customer keeps delaying it, delivery time will be arranged by Zago depending on schedule vailability. If customer wants to advance delivery time, a 500,000VND fee will be applied.

– In case customer refuses to receive goods after 60 days from agreed delivery date, unless the order has been paid in full, the customer shall make the remaining payment of the order payable to Zago, or a storage fees of 1% of the order’s total amount will be charged per month, starting from the 61st day since the Sale Order’s date.

6) Delivery & assembly service

– Zago Delivery Team will not be held responsible for any damage on the walls/ceiling caused in the process of product installation per customer’s request.

– Any claim regarding shortages, damaged or defective goods must be clearly stated on the delivery note. All order’s items must be thoroughly inspected before signing the delivery receipt as we are unable to accept any claims after our Delivery & Assembly Team have left your premises.

– Once the products are unpacked and installed at the customer’s property, no changes shall be made to the order at/ after this point unless the products are faulty due to manufacturing process.

7) Warranty

– All new furniture items are under warranty for one (1) year.

– All fountains, rugs and lighting items are under warranty for one (1) year.

– Refurbished products are under warranty for three (3) months or/and no warranty, no return or exchange.

– Accessories items (galleries, baskets, ceramics, cushions, decoration items etc…) are not under warranty and non-returnable, non-refundable.

– Warranty only applies to technical defects or issues caused by manufacturing process.

– Due to the hand-made manufacturing process and to the natural characteristic of concrete and wood, there will be slight variations in the colour and texture that gives to your product this unique and exclusive look and can not be considered as defects.

You can contact our stores at customercare@fixzago.demo10.maytech.vn or access to our website to get more information: www.fixzago.demo10.maytech.vn. Thank you very much for shopping in our Zago stores.

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